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Dodge was my first attempt ever at making a game. I started fooling around with GameMaker in my junior year of high school. Whenever I had free time I would learn as much as I can about placement of objects throughout this game world and just how to make these objects come to life with the use of GameMaker's drag and drop functions. In a years time I had a game with two levels, with the potential to make more. 

The player's objective is to avoid the bullets and destroy the nodes they are originating from. Through the use of both mouse buttons, the user fires bullets that destroy bullets or bullets that destroy nodes. The second level introduced a new threat, one that I thought was going to be fun to play more with. The asteroids that break into smaller ones no matter what they collide with. 

Come the end of my senior year, I decided to end work on this game with hopes of revisiting the idea in future. I hope to take this design and build it using a different framework.