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Sunder Scene is a 3D game made using C# in Unity. The game was a five person project that spanned the course of five weeks. This was our first attempt at a 3D game in our Game Design and Development class. For this game, I took on the role of the enemy AI programmer. My role focused on enemy movement, attacks, and animation states. I also worked on the particle systems in the game. 

Sunder Scene has three enemies that the user can fight in the arena hack and slash. There are the Average Joes, which are the base enemy with the lowest health. They have a simple attack that uses two different animations randomly. Next are the Top Joes, who orbit the player while slowly approaching. Once within a certain range, the Top Joes switch animations states and charge the player with a burst of speed. Last but not least, we have the Hammer Joes. These big guys take a lot of hits, and taking them on head on is not recommended. They can bash you with their shield to push you back. When they swing that hammer, watch out! A massive force that pushes everything around back is created with each hammer smash. Several other enemies were planned, however with time winding down, we were forced to cut some enemies. 

The enemy AI in Sunder Scene were all created using C# in MonoDevelop. The enemies will typically be doing one of three things during this never ending hack and slash game. They will be seeking, attacking, or dying. The enemy AI use a weighted seek process to determine their ultimate position for the next update. An example of this is the Top Joes. They slowly orbit the player while seeking the center at a slower rate. Eventually this degrading orbit will trigger a state change when close enough to the player. 

When the AI isn't seeking you, they are attacking you. Average Joes alternate between two attack animations when within a certain range of the player. Top Joes simply charge you with their spinning blades. Hammer Joes will try to use their hammer as much as possible until the player closes in too much. At that point the Hammer Joe will push the player back with a powerful shield bash. It is fairly easy to herd these AIs however, which allows for quick escapes and if done effectively, massive damage.

Working on the AI and particle systems in this game furthered my knowledge of C#, Unity, and AI programming.